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Aircon Repair in Singapore

When it comes to issues related to aircon, you could count on our aircon service company, as we offer the best aircon repair solutions at affordable rate. Do you feel that your air condition system is not performing as well as it used to be? Is it suffering from breakdowns, hot air condition or water leaking? We accumulated more than 15 years of experience in HVAC industry and our professional service is sure to help you fix the problem and bring a smile on your face. Our unique selling point is the affordable engineering solutions that we offer to our beloved customers.

We undertake the aircon repair of different types like split AC repair, ducted aircon repair, window type AC repair, air/water cooled package system repair and etc. We offer comprehensive advice to our clients and describe what the exact issue in the air conditioner unit is. We also provide suggestions that help you to prolong your air-con system lifespan.

Here are the different types of air conditioner failure:

• Faulty wiring
• Frozen coil
• Faulty thermostat
• Problems in aircon condenser
• Low refrigerant
• Air con gas leakage
• Aircon cannot turn on or off
• More air conditioner problems


Aircon Repair Specialist taking voltage measurement on air conditioner unit

Some of the signs that warn you that it is best time to get your air con system repaired are:
• Remote controller of aircon unit is not working properly
• Noisy blower or compressor
• Inefficient cooling
• Aircon system is suffering from intermittent breakdowns
• Water leaking
• Aircon unit is blowing warm air
• Aircon system is not turning on occasionally
• Air conditioner is not turning on or off


Air Conditioning is a crucial requirement in most offices building and retail shops. In case of unfortunate events like a break-down or fault, aircon system can completely ruin those operations. You have no worries about the aircon issues as our experts will come to your rescue, no matter any time of the day. We are able to work out with our clients to solve their air conditioner issues. We support all leading brands like Daikin, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Carrier, Panasonic and the list rolls on.


Different types of aircon repair that we undertake are:
Aircon Freon Leak Repair
• Air Conditioning Unit High Voltage Repairs
Aircon Condenser Repair
• Aircon Capacitor Repair
Aircon Compressor Repair
• Aircon Electrical Wiring Repair
• Thermostat Repair

Aircon Repair Specialist remove the air conditioner control board from the aircon unit

What does our aircon repair includes?
• Troubleshooting aircon failure
• Disassembling the circuit board
• Checking the circuit board to perform thorough analysis
• Give details about amount incurred for aircon repair
• Repair aircon system
• In-house testing after performing the repair
• Re-installation of circuit board
• Function test if the aircon unit works fine

Backbone of our aircon servicing company are supported by a group of professionally qualified air conditioning specialists, HVAC service technicians. We are well versed in home air conditioning repair and HVAC repair, which is covering both office and commercial. All of our air-conditioner repair services are fully guaranteed to offer you a total peace of mind. In the event when the hefty price of the aircon repair are beyond the price of a new aircon unit, we will analyze it with our customer to see if it is good to go through all the associated procedures linked in buying a new aircon replacement. Our customer can take up a servicing contract with us for long term maintenance of their air conditioning system. To clean the air conditioner frequently so as to prevent future mishap. Our aircon service company cherish our customer’s decision. You would enjoy comfort and save big on expense as well. Please read this article If you have any air conditioner repair cost concern.

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