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AC systems consists of two major units – an exterior unit and interior unit. The exterior unit is named as condenser. As the name implies, condensation occurs in a condenser and it liberates heat energy to the outdoors. Condenser unit encompasses compressor, blower fan, condenser coil, motors and capacitors.
Any problems in the condenser unit can relentlessly affect your air-conditioning unit or may even halt its capability to perform cooling. If you perceive that there is any issue with your airconditioner condenser, it is important to find the right technician to help you. If you don’t give due consideration to issues in the condenser, it could worsen and may even result in disastrous compressor catastrophe.
Today we are going to tell you about the symptoms of aircon condenser problems and how our experts can let you solve the problems.

Common aircon condenser problems

• Dirty aircon condenser: Condenser unit may be affected by multiple pollutants like rubbles, stones, leaves etc. One must take special care to maintain the premises near the condenser unit clean. Pollutants can result in damage to motors and the fan, thus marring the condenser working.

Aircon Condenser Singapore

• Refrigerant leak: Condenser unit is linked to the evaporator through a line that distributes the refrigerant. Hence, refrigerant leak may affect the condenser working. If you perceive a reduction in the cooling or hear a fizzing sound from the aircon condenser, or frost in the condenser, it is high time you contact HVAC experts to rectify the issue.
• Electrical issues: The entire AC unit is powered by electricity. If there is any problems with the electrical relays, capacitors, or the wiring it may hamper its cooling efficiency. HVAC experts may help you to detect the electrical issues that affect the compressor and suggest proper solutions for the problems.

Aircon Condenser

It is advisable that you perform condenser cleaning on a regular basis.

How dirty condenser unit can affect your AC system?
• Energy efficiency will be reduced significantly
• Power consumption will shoot up and hence your electricity bills
• It can also affect the overall life span of the airconditioner

It is highly advised that you have to get your air con cleaned before the arrival of summer season. This strategy can enable you to have your aircon serviced during low demand time. If you dwell in a place with a predominantly high volume of airborne debris or your AC is required to run for longer duration, it is highly recommended that you opt for regular cleaning schedule. Your condenser unit is extremely fragile, you need to entrust the aircon servicing to a NATE certified aircon expert. Never ever try to dismantle the condenser unit and try to assess and identify the issues on your own. It will only make the issue even more worse. We bring to table quality service and attention to detail to serve our customers better. At our aircon company, we boasts of an impressive range of services in aircon repair and servicing with our cutting edge services. Our expert team of technicians are available around the clock to serve our clients better.

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