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Our company provide professional aircon service in the best price. We have a team of experienced technicians that work for commercial office and also taking care of residential home customers. We support as a main contractor for a few pte ltd companies in their general systems maintenance. We also help providing solutions to business needs when their air-conditioning units no longer come in warranty use. For new installation, let us do free site view and get you a quotation. We offer latest promotion list of products from different brands. We also have experience in solving icing issue, water leaking, gas leak, drainage pan choke, not cool, electric problem and etc. If you search in a day for air cond servic online, you will find us affordable and why we have been able to ensure high quality standard and pro job efficiency from time to time. Please book your appointment through email or contact form today or call our number now for the following services.

Aircon Installation

Site survey, calculate air conditioning BTU and match cutomer requirement, propose installation quote with sales packages, design electrical and piping connection routing, install entire air-con system, function check in good condition before handover.

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Aircon Cleaning

Air conditioning system function checking, remove indoor fancoil filter for cleaning, vacuum clean air con evaporator fins and blower, wipe clean air con outer cover and flaps, operation checking after putting back the air con filters.

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Aircon Chemical Wash

Air conditioners function check, remove air con filters, apply chemical solution to filters and evaporator fins, vacuum clean air con evaporator fins and blower, flushing drain pipe, wipe clean cover and flaps, operational check after placing back air con filters.

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Aircon Servicing Contract

Understand customer’s aircon servicing requirement, offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly packages based on customer’s need, recommend minimum 4 times a year for normal air conditioning usage.

Aircon Overhaul

Aka Aircon Chemical Overhaul, disassemble entire fan coil unit, apply chemical cleaner on all aircon fan coil parts except electrical parts to wash clean, wipe clean and check all parts before put back to original position, check air con gas level, flush drain pipe, function test.

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Aircon Gas Top Up

Also called aircon gas refill, aircon refrigerant top up or air con recharge, check aircon refrigerant’s pressure in the air-con system within working condition level, top up refrigerant with the system gas type to the required level, check for gas leak if necessary.

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Aircon Maintenance

Operational function check, based on air conditioner checklist to do system check, go through some aircon component wear and tear check, refrigerant pressure check and top up if require, aircon electrical component check.

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Aircon Maintenance Contract

Understand customer’s aircon maintenance requirement, offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly packages based on customer’s need, recommend minimum maintenance requirement based on air con usage.

Aircon Repair

Troubleshooting based on the given failure mode, identify faulty component, check spare parts costs and advise entire repair cost, fix aircon problem and change out faulty component, function checking the rest of the aircon system.

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Aircon Replacement

Assess the old aircon system tubing and piping to be reuse, match the original BTU or upgrade to new BTU requirement, propose new aircon sales package, replace with the new air conditioning units and dispose the old ones .

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Aircon Removal

Assess the removal requirement, disassemble the used air conditioning system, patch up holes that were used, wrap up the removed air conditioning system for storage or transport to scrap yard for proper disposal depends on customer’s decision.

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