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Aircon Servicing Singapore

In today’s urban society, Air Conditioning becomes a necessity in our city life style, be it in the office, shopping mall or our home. It has a purpose to keep the airflow in our buildings and the concrete environment that we lived in. Therefore, we must take care of the air conditioner dutifully, such that it can continue to support our lifestyle. Aircon Doctor SG provides all the Aircon Services like aircon cleaning, aircon chemical washing, aircon repairing, aircon installation and aircon maintenance. We have been well trained and experience technicians, the ‘aircon doctors’, to serve our customers’ air conditioner and ensure that it do not get worn out easily.

Like a person, the air conditioner is working daily in some places and sometimes for 24/7. Just like a person’s day hygiene, it needs to be clean up regularly, so that the filter will not be clogged with dirt. Important like a person’s health, they require checkup regularly, so it does not fail easily. And when an aircon failed, it needs the ‘doctor’ to get it fixed and back running again. If we maintain its health, the air conditioner can last longer to serve us better.

Scheduling aircon servicing in fact is always great challenge. If it is not done at a timely basis or sometimes ignore, the air conditioner’s condition will sure drop and so is its lifespan. Everybody knows that if the air conditioner does not gets clear up very often, will get clogged with dirt. And soon come minor failure now and then. It will not be long that it takes a major failure and soon beyond repair.

Our Aircon Services

Aircon Cleaning

Aircon Cleaning

Aircon function check, Aircon cover and filters cleaning, Aircon blower and temperature check
Aircon Chemical Washing

Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon function check, Aircon cover, filters and fancoil washing with chemical solution, drain pipe flushing, blower and  temperature check

Aircon Maintenance

Aircon Maintenance

Aircon function check, Aircon system check, Aircon component and refrigerant check, Aircon electrical system check

Our other aircon services are described as below.

  • Aircon Overhaul

    – Also know as aircon chemical overhaul, dismantle whole fan coil unit for chemical cleaning, aircon parts check and air con gas top up. Other overhaul like aircon compressor overhaul, casement air con overhaul. Interest reading on chemical overhaul vs chemical wash.

– Free site assessment, indoor room BTU calculation and systems recommendation, providing customer quotation from brand promotion, piping and electrical routing, install main aircon system, aircon regular function checking if they are in good condition.

– Aircon system checks, troubleshooting, failure reporting, check parts prices and advise affordable repair cost, repair and parts changing if right, aircon function checking the rest

  • Aircon Gas Top Up

– Also known as air con recharge, check aircon refrigerant’s working condition level in the air-con system, refill refrigerant if necessary low.

– Assess the old units tubing and piping able to use back to introduce new air-conditioning units or replace everything in one-time.

– View the removal requirement, dismantle air-con system, patch up holes and dispose the removed air-con system.

– Assess aircon servicing requirement, offer in yearly basis, minimum 4 times a year est, help general air-conditioning problem for commercial and residential.

Helps Types of Aircon Problem List

Various type of problems include water leaking, aircon not cool, aircon gas leak, ice cloak filters, fan coils icing, drainage pan leakage, excessive noise, condensor breakdown and etc.

Aircon Brands We Service

Daikin Aircon Logo
Mitsubishi Aircon Servicing
Panasonic Aircon Service
Toshiba Aircon Logo
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aircon Logo

and more.

“Affordable Servicing for 3 Units At $100 Only.

100% Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee”

Why Choose Us


100% Money-back Guarantee

Enjoy a total peace of mind when you hire us. Because Aircon Doctor SG offers a “100% money back guarantee” assurance when you engage our repair job – so there is ZERO risk on your part! Call us to book your appointment today!

Saving Money like electric bills and more benefits

  • Servicing improve cooling to be more effective, use less power
  • Faster cooling efficiency helps to reach desired temperature setting quicker
  • Better airflow reduce time to cool down the area
  • Cleaning removes bad odour and bacteria, improves health
  • Increase aircon lifespan, do not have to go for early replacement

Why called Aircon Doctor ?

Years of experienced in the aircon niche and many satisfying customer have earned us the pride. Our technician team believe that the name perform as a reminder, so we will continue to work hard and serve our customer better. We provide pro quality works. Our goal is to be your preferred aircon service provider in Singapore. Our aim is to be the best aircon servicing company in Singapore.

Aircon Service User Testimonials

They totally get rid of the bad odour from the aircon. It smells fresh and clean again. Totally satisfied with the job well done and definitely recommended for all customers! 5 stars for sure!
Elvis Seow

Erratic noise coming out from the aircon is gone forever. After many failed attempt from other contractor, I would say this is the best workmanship with excellent commendable service. Deserves my recommendation!

L Huang

Bookkeeping Services Singapore

It may sound absurd, but these guys are the real ‘doctors’ for air conditioner. After few minutes of checking, they can directly pin-point the problem, fixed it and get the aircon up and running again. Double thumbs up!! Awesome!!
Maria Chan

As Low As $25 Per Unit

“Inexpensive Yearly Contract

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