Aircon Chemical Overhaul vs Aircon Chemical Wash in Singapore

You probably heard about Aircon Chemical Wash and Aircon Chemical Overhaul. A lot of people got confused with these 2 air conditioning services all the time. So what are the difference? The easiest way to explain this is that Aircon Chemical Wash only cleaned up the aircon unit by 40%, while the latter cleaned up the aircon unit closed to a 100%. Yes, we deliberately dismantle the whole air-con fan coil for this chemical cleaning process.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul benefits,

  • Enjoy more cooler air conditioning from better air flow
  • Save electric bills on air conditioning due to more cooling efficiency
  • No foul smell after all dirt are removed
  • Less irritation for people who has sensitive nose
  • Save from buying new for longer air conditioner lifespan
  • Less maintenance cost as frequent failure prevented
  • Prevent fungi and bacteria grow in air conditioner

The following describes how we do the Aircon Chemical Overhaul:

Firstly, our aircon specialist will let the refrigerant returned back to the compressor. Some refrigerant will be released out as gas and we also switched off the air-con power on the main breaker. Only then the whole fan coil can be safely removed. We will dismantle the air conditioning filters, the aircon outer cover, the aircon flaps and the aircon drain tray or water tray. We will then vacuum the aircon evaporator coil and fan blower until they are dust free before dismantling for further cleaning. We will continue to disassemble the air con electrical parts and the remaining aircon parts and covers, other than the mounting plate. At this point, the air-con power cable, refrigerant tubing and drain pipe will be disconnected.

Bubbles form on aircon evaporator

All the parts that are washable will be sent to the wash room. We will apply the chemical cleaner and brush them on the aircon filters, the aircon outer cover, the aircon flaps, the aircon drain tray, the aircon evaporator coil, fan blower and all the aircon covers. This aircon cleaner are solely used for aircon cleaning purpose. They will dissolve the stubborn dirt stain that are stuck on the aircon parts. We do not use them on those air con electrical parts. It will take just a few minutes for the aircon cleaner to work and we can wash them down. Everything washed will wipe clean and dry before we line them up for assembly.

Finally, we assemble the whole aircon fan coil unit back carefully and connect back the air-con power cable, refrigerant tubing and drain pipe during that process. There are 3 checks to do before we turn on the chemical cleaned air conditioner.

1. Aircon Drainage – we pour water into the drain trap and ensure they drained out properly from the end of the drain pipe. This also check for water leak.

2. Aircon Refrigerant – we pump the refrigerant back into the air-con system and check its pressure. We called it aircon recharge or some called it air con gas top up. We also check for gas leak.

3. Aircon Power – we do check the electrical parts and cables are all intact and no loose ends. Switch on the breaker and do function check.

It is not done yet. We have to clean up the mess before we considered the aircon chemical overhaul is completed. That is how we do it. That is how we do it. If you are interested, please contact our hotline to get your aircon chemical overhaul now.

The following describes how we do the Aircon Chemical Wash:

For aircon chemical wash or aircon chemical cleaning, we do not dismantle any parts except the whole front cover and air-con filters for chemical washing. We also apply chemical cleaner to the air-con evaporator coil and vacuum clean away the dirty bubbles. Vacuum cleaning the aircon fan blower is part of the aircon cleaning process. We do vacuum clean the air con drainage tray for wall mount fan coil or drainage pan for ceiling mount fan coil, together with the air con drainage system. We will then pour water into the air con drain tray to check for leak. We do check the aircon refrigerant level to see if they are in correct working range. However, aircon gas top up will be charged separately if require. A final function test on the air conditioning unit before we clean up the mess.

Final conclusion on chemical overhaul vs chemical wash

As you can see the difference from chemical overhaul, chemical wash is rather economical to some aircon users. The chemical wash benefits are definitely much lesser than overhaul. Nevertheless, both services still provide a remarkable maintenance for the air conditioners to prolong their lifespan by reducing minor to major breakdown. You may contact our aircon professionals to advise on what suit your comfort level.

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