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If you are busy searching for the most reasonable and cost-effective Aircon Servicing Price in Singapore city, look no further. We bring with us years of experience in providing aircon solutions – be it general air con maintenance, air cond brand new installation, air con service, air con chemical wash or aircon repairs. Our growing range of customers will speak for us, they are pleased with our comprehensive and thorough air con services. We adhere to an exemplary business model – our air conditioner services revolve around both our beloved residential and commercial customers. We are the main aircon service company that give due significance to both cost and value aspects and ensure that our customers are always be able to benefit from our quality aircon services.

Take a good look at our price plans and the range of professional service that we offer – you will be easily convinced why you could count on us. We have been hiring the experts and technicians in the air conditioning niche, and offers the most competitive aircon servicing price will keep your mind in peace. We are interested in establishing good long term relationships with our clients. It is a fact that people search from door to door and choose us back instead.

Price List

Qty of FancoilNormal wash
Normal wash
( 4x in 1 year )
Chemical Overhaul without dismantle, * gas not included (1x)


Other Price Lists

  • All above price are based on wall mounting units. Ceiling mount will charged slightly high. Please check with us.
  • Outdoor unit is from $60 per unit onward depends on BTU.
  • Aircon Chemical Overhaul for wall mounted unit is $150 per indoor fancoils unit, optional with $60 per outdoor unit. All overhaul price includes aircon gas top up.
  • * Refrigerant Recharge or Aircon Gas Top Up is $30~80 for R22 and $80~150 for 410A depends on the top up volume.
  • Troubleshooting and Inspection Fee is $50 per trip. Repair Cost depends on site inspection outcome to determine parts and labour. Once repair quotation accepted, $50 Troubleshooting and Inspection fee will be deducted from the total repair cost.
  • Please be aware that we have a surcharges after operation hours.

Cannot Find Pricing?

Aircon service price for aircon cleaning includes the following:
1) Clean & check air filter, front panel & cover
2) Check deodorising and purifying filter
3) Clean & check indoor evaporator coil
4) Clean & check indoor drainage tray (Wall mount fancoil)
5) Vacuuming of drainage pan (Ceiling mount fancoil)
6) Vacuuming of drainage system

Aircon service price for aircon chemical wash without dismantling includes the following:
1) Clean & check air filter, front panel & cover
2) Check deodorising and purifying filter
3) Spray chemical on evaporator coil
4) Vacuum clean & check indoor evaporator coil
5) Clean & check indoor drainage tray (Wall mount fancoil)
6) Vacuuming of drainage pan (Ceiling mount fancoil)
7) Vacuuming of drainage system

Some water leak, aircon not cool, ice or icing problem we recommend aircon overhaul service.

Aircon service price for chemical overhaul include the following:
1) Verifying of thermostats and electronic control units
2) Chemical Cleaning of pipes, drain pans and evaporator coils
3) Lubrication of fan bearings and checking for defective bearings
4) Replacement of defective parts are not included

Aircon service prices for air con recharge includes the following:
1) Testing AC for multiple parameters like gas pressure, decrease in gas pressure etc.
2) Top-up to the correct amount of refrigerant if require


On-site inspection and quotation for air conditioner maintenance services or aircon repair service on the following:
• Perform inspections against use pre-defined checklist
• Verifying if electrical connections and wires are in proper condition
• Air filter cleaning and or replacing
• Lubrication of moving parts
• Verifying of blower capacitors, motor capacitors and bearings
• Testing for refrigerant leakage and replacement
• Condensate drain cleaning
• Troubleshooting AC unit fault
• Troubleshooting for refrigerant leakage
• Repair and replacement of air conditioner sensors
• Replacement of defective parts charged separately.


Maintenance vs Repair
Maintenance is scheduled, periodic check and cleaning. It normally follows a maintenance checklist in a contract.
Repair is a fix for unsuspected breakdown or undesired condition.

We are one of the trusted professional air conditioning service companies in Singapore. We are eager to go an extra mile to render the best aircon servicing to help our customer. Please do not wait for that day when your air conditioners come to fail and then start looking for repair. You know your aircon maintenance should be treated like a car, ensure their effective care is important to extend their life to serve you better. Working with us in affordable deal or promotion on yearly basis will further suit your air cond maintenance needs. Our aircon service team provide great value work for the money you spend on our services. We get the aircon services to be done in such a time, which we agreed with our clients, and make sure that our good services are available at competitive rates as well. Please identify the clear number of aircon units to book for servicing and let us put a reliable man and control in place. Feel free to call us today.

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