Aircon Commercial Repair Service in Singapore


Maintaining pleasant temperature is indispensable to a secure, comfortable, and productive work environment. If your staffs are scorching and clients are fleeing to evade the boiling temperature at your business center, it is good time to check on our commercial aircon repair service. You can rely upon our well-mannered and efficient HVAC engineers to offer you with remarkable aircon repair service around the clock. We specialize in both commercial and residential aircon repair service. Before getting in touch with us, it is a good practice to gather information of the aircon system that you own – say brand name, model and warranties if any.


At our aircon service company, we bring to table our extensive and in-depth knowledge and experience pertaining to commercial aircon repair services. Commercial aircon repair service demands thorough knowledge of the system and a different level of expertise compared to residential aircon repair solution. Commercial aircon units are bigger in size and need to handle more workloads compared to residential aircon system. Commercial AC systems are usually complex as it could range from single zone to multiple zone aircon systems, which is dependent on requirements of your business environment.

We render complete breakdown repairs and ongoing maintenance for aircon units irrespective of the models and sizes. We extend our aircon repair solution to different types of commercial aircon units, which encompasses chilled water systems, Variable Refrigerant Flow air conditioning systems (VRF), Variable Refrigerant Volume air conditioning systems (VRV), split ducted and air/water cooled package units.

Stripped air conditioner hanged with a multimeter

We undertake aircon repair of all the leading brands like Daikin, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Samsung etc. Our exceptional response times is an indication of our incessant assurance to retaining long-term client satisfaction.


We can handle some of the stubborn commercial aircon problems like
• Noisy lower or compressor
• Absorption unit breakdown
• Chiller down time
• No power or the system does not turn on
• Refrigerant leak
• Inefficient cooling
• Intermittent breakdowns
• Water leaking
• Aircon unit is blowing warm air
• Issues in fan motor or compressor


At our aircon service company, we provide commercial aircon repair programs for the following
• Commercial offices
• Shopping centers
• Industrial complexes
• Government organizations
• Bars & Clubs
• Retail stores


Our aircon doctor can easily identify and deal with your aircon failure issues and ensure that your business can get back to normal in no time. We also give valuable advice to our customers and explain what the real problem is in their aircon system. We provide suggestions that help to keep your aircon system functional. In cost effective prospect, our experts will help to identify which is the right option for you – aircon repair or aircon replacement.

Aircon Repair Specialist remove air conditioner control board using screwdriver

We are certified, insured, and supported by capable technicians who could do the job well. If your commercial aircon system is not working properly as it did before, it is good to get in touch with us. Let us fix your aircon unit so that you could relish fresh and pure air like before.

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