Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon Chemical Wash in Singapore


When do your aircon need chemical wash?

Piled up debris and dirt on your air conditioner not only makes it appear unpleasant, but also affects its performance. If you try to clean the air-conditioner be yourselves, you will clean only the outer layer, but not the interior parts. There are parts that you will not be able to dismantle. You may go for aircon chemical wash when general cleaning does not restore the condition of your air conditioner. Aircon chemical wash encompasses an exhaustive and comprehensive face-lift of the air conditioner.

Below are certain situations where you can opt for aircon chemical wash:

Water leaking – caused by stubborn dirt, which accumulated through time, clogging the drain. Chemical wash can breakdown this dirt.

Foul smell emanating from the air conditioner – this can occur due to microbes and fungus growing inside the fan coil. Use chemical to flush them out.

Aircon take longer time to cool the area. – Clogged evaporator coil block the airflow, hence require more time to cool. Chemical washing can clear those clutters.

Skyrocketing electricity bills – all the above situations make the aircon unit work harder and longer to get to the set temperature. They consume more electricity than usual. Chemical cleaning the aircon unit revert them back to normal and efficient. Thus, consume less power.

How to perform aircon chemical wash?

Firstly, switch off the aircon. Remove and clean all air filters, drainage tray, front panels and covers in the toilet using clean water. Deodorizing and purifying the filters, and then left them to dry. Secondly, wrap a big bag under and around the side of the aircon unit. Then spray chemical solution using a long nozzle spray bottle into evaporator coil from top to bottom. Continue to spray on the rotor. Keep the nozzle as close to the coil and rotor as possible. Using the spraying force to flush out the dirt. Rotate the rotor and continue spraying. Check if you missed any spot. Then change to clean water and spray it all over again. Continue until you flush out all the dirt, as the dirt, chemical and water will drip into the bag. Once done, vacuum clean the evaporator coil, rotor and drainage system. Use a cloth to wipe out excessive water. Remove the bag and pour away the dirty water. Cover back the air filters, drainage tray, front panels and covers. Turn it on and check the aircon unit. Use a cloth to wipe out excessive water if any.

It is recommended that you seek help from our air conditioning specialists as the complete process demands some technical knowledge. For instance, PCB and fan motor should not be exposed to water as it render the air-conditioning unit defective.

It is advisable to have an aircon chemical wash once a year in Singapore so that you could relish pure and unsoiled air. However, there are some factors to help you determine how often should you do aircon chemical cleaning on this article ‘Aircon Chemical Wash How Often‘.

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