Top 5 reasons why your aircon unit is not cold


Wonder why your aircon unit is not giving cool air? If your aircon unit emits hot air, there are a couple of reasons behind it. Let us go through some of them to find out more. They may help you decide how to deal with it.


1. If your aircon fan coil exposed to direct sunlight, then your aircon system may find it difficult to provide cool air. This is because, all ACs are tuned to work at an optimum temperature, also known as ambient temperature, which it will work properly. When it exposed to direct sunlight, its temperature sensor sensed beyond the optimum temperature, thus work harder to get to the set temperature. After sometime, it wears out faster than usual. The aircon system reduce efficiency significantly and continue to work even harder to reach the set temperature. With this vicious circle, it will fail to produce cool air in no time. The solution is to block the sunlight with window curtain or something similar.


2. There are some guideline to follow when choosing your aircon system. If your aircon unit is not sized up correctly, it will not be able to give you good cooling. Proper sizing becomes crucial if you live in a hot region like Singapore. That is the same vicious circle of trying to provide sufficient cooling, which the aircon unit can never met or harder to meet the set temperature. Continuous working kills the aircon unit faster. You may consider increasing the cooling capacity by adding or changing the aircon unit.

The above reasons are more towards the installation issues. If they are not the affecting problems, yours can be some maintenance issues just like the following reasons.

Aircon Not Cold Singapore

3. Temperature control system is one of the complicated reason. There are mainly electrical and electronic stuff like thermostat, aircon remote control and etc. Overall, the temperature setting is main factor. If any of those components failed, the temperature control will go haywire. Sometimes too cold will form icing issue or becoming a heater, which is actually one of its function to keep the room warm in the winter. Of course, it does not apply in Singapore but we are talking about malfunction here. This might need aircon repair service.


4. Refrigerant? If you guessed it, you are correct. Generally, it is the main medium for the heat transfer. Too little or too much refrigerant will affect the cooling. This can be resolved by air con recharge.


5. Dirty aircon filters can seriously affect the cooling process. When the air cannot pass through the filters, the aircon unit still has to suck some air from the surrounding to convert it into cool air. This is how those evaporator coil starts to get dirty as it cannot get filtered clean air. When evaporator coil gets dirtier, it converts little surrounding air into cooling air. Thus, the aircon unit will only get the surrounding hot air blowing out from it.

Aircon Not Cold

It is for sure that you have to clean your aircon filters frequently, at least twice a month. However, there are couple of other internal components that require chemical cleaning, which you might not be able to clean them unless you are an aircon specialist. Hence, if you feel that aircon system is not delivering cool air, get in touch with our aircon service company to service your AC system.

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