All About Aircon Chemical Cleaning Services


Singapore is a vibrant island-state that offers so many interesting sights for tourists coming from all over the world. It is also a highly preferable residential and commercial country in Asia. While the country has a lot to offer to both local residents and tourists, the tropical weather is inevitable in Singapore. There is always a need for air conditioning wherever you are in this beautiful island nation. Because of the continuous usage, your aircon units might get some dust and dirt that may affect their functionality. No worries – there are very efficient chemical cleaning services for any air conditioning unit.


Regular cleaning of air conditioning units is not enough to maintain the machine. What makes aircon chemical cleaning services a must for all aircon owners include the following benefits?

1. Quiet Workplace and Better Sleep
Annoyed by too much noise coming from your aircon unit? Now, you will not be distracted anymore whether you are sleeping or working once you get your aircon unit chemically cleaned. Noise levels are significantly reduced after chemical cleaning.

2. Cooler Air
What is an air conditioning unit without its cooling power? After chemical cleaning, rest assured that your aircon unit is able to regulate the air for a more cooler, more relaxing environment while living in Singapore. We are talking about comfortable living!

3. Cleaner Air to Breathe
While an air conditioning unit is made for air cooling purposes, it is best to have one that provides not just cool but clean air.

Dirt stuck inside the aircon evaparator fins

Dirt can easily accumulate in the air filter due to daily use. Recent research shows that there is an increasing number of people who suffer from respiratory ailments due to inhalation of dirty air from poorly maintained air conditioning units.

4. More Savings
Yes, you will pay for the chemical cleaning services of your aircon unit. Nevertheless, did you know that after chemical cleaning, your unit would consume lower amounts of electrical power than when it runs dirty and unmaintained? You will definitely save more money for less aircon breakdown through chemical cleaning services.


What Happens During Chemical Cleaning?

During chemical cleaning, the aircon maintenance specialist makes use of chemicals to remove any dirt and debris in all different parts of your air-con unit. He checks every part of the unit and cleanses it using environment-friendly chemicals. Once done, the parts are properly put back together and tested for its performance. Then the unit is re-installed back to its original place, or at a new spot in your room that you prefer.

Washing away the chemical applied on the aircon evaporator

Choosing an Aircon Chemical Cleaning Service Provider

There are many chemical cleaning companies in Singapore, so you need to be careful in choosing the best provider for your aircon maintenance needs. You need to check with the air-con chemical cleaning company if they are using environmental-friendly chemicals, which are not harmful when inhaled. When they are doing the chemical cleaning, please keep them away from your family, especially the kids. Also, never settle for anything cheap to avoid low quality services. Our aircon service company provide affordable chemical cleaning service with environment-friendly chemicals recommended by the aircon company themselves. Call us now.

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