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Aircon Cleaning in Singapore

Imagine how you could cope with scorching day in Singapore when your air-conditioner is not rendering cool air and all you could have is harsh and terrible sound emanating from the air-conditioner!!! In most of the places, air-conditioner is not an extravagance, it is an elixir of life. With aircon cleaning, you could realize how your air-conditioner can turn out to be your lifeline. Breathing clean air is crucial for maintaining healthy life and of-course it is your right. However, due to a multitude of reasons we are often breathing polluted air be it in your home, workplace or industrial locations.

Aircon cleaning is based on multiple aspects like recent revamps, climatic conditions and general sanitation of the environs. Pollutants like dirt, rubbles, chunks of and even mold could pile up within the ducts thus calls for aircon cleaning. If general cleaning services, does not improve the cooling efficiency of the air-conditioner, you may opt for aircon chemical wash.

Benefits of aircon cleaning

• With circulation of clean air you can rejoice improved health condition of the residents or inhabitants
• Aircon cleaning also helps to increase the overall efficiency of the air-conditioner.
• You can also expect low electricity bills as a result of aircon cleaning.

Aircon Cleaning Singapore

How an ardent DIYer could do aircon cleaning?

To start with, the most important of aircon cleaning is cleaning the coils, which include condenser coil and evaporator coil. One may try to detach the outer shell of air-conditioner and could see condenser coil. Make sure to switch off power before cleaning the air-conditioner unit and wear safety glass and gloves.

With the help of bristle brush one can remove dirt from the coil. With the help of sprayer gently wash the coil without harming the fins. You may also try to add powder cleaner in sprayer for better results. Allow the aircon cleaner to soak for some time before flushing the cleaner with water. Redo the same process until you could feel that the coil is clean. By applying coil coating, one could reduce the chances of dust sticking inside the coil. Condensate drain also need to be cleaned properly.

Once cleaning is done, it need to be dried properly before reassembling the parts. To get optimum results, it is advisable to clean the filter once in every month. Besides filter cleaning, cooling fan cleaning also need to be accomplished to get the best results from aircon cleaning. However, it is advised to get help from our air conditioning expert as aircon cleaning involves cleaning of delicate parts and need technical expertise.

Aircon Cleaning

Aircon cleaning undertaken by air conditioning specialists

• Air conditioning specialists will perform a visual assessment of the entire unit, evaluating its complete form against pre-defined check List.
• Individual units are disassembled.
• Fins are then washed by means of a deep-cleaning foam which involves chemicals that are officially recognized as safe. If there is any corrosion, it needs to be removed as the first step. Then coil need to be greased and then sanitized to check development of fungus and other pollutants

• Aircon cleaning performed by air conditioning specialists make sure that your air-conditioner is cleaned thoroughly in all the nooks and corners which could not be done by adopting usual cleaning methods
• After this filter need to be removed and cleaned to get rid of dust on its surface. High quality cleaner helps to clean the air conditioner thoroughly to do away with all sort of pollutants.
• Unit will be dried and then reassembled back. It need to be tested to verify that it functions properly against pre-defined checklist. System would also be measured for parameters like speed of airflow and improvement of cooling achieved after aircon cleaning.

Aircon cleaning in Singapore by air conditioning specialists would definitely cost extra, but the advantages of cleaning is definitely a bang for the buck in the long run. If the normal cleaning would not improve, you may opt for aircon chemical cleaning or aircon overhaul. Check out our affordable pricing Now.

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