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Aircon Service Company in Singapore

We, an Aircon Service Company in Singapore, render an extensive range of air conditioning services; be it for installations, repairs or maintenance of both the residential and the commercial possessions. Our proactive maintenance package offers optimum performance for your air conditioning system. We deliver excellent solutions to guarantee comfortable living of our beloved customers which makes us the leading air conditioning specialists in Singapore.

Our company goal is to be The Most Preferred Aircon Service Provider in Singapore.

Let’s have a look at the range of services we offered.

  1. Aircon Servicing or Aircon Cleaning
  2. Aircon Recharge Refrigerant
  3. Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
  4. Aircon Troubleshooting and Repair
  5. Aircon Chemical Cleaning
  6. Installation
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Aircon Service or Aircon Cleaning – Aircon servicing helps to clean the complete unit, both internal and external parts. We also confirm that your air-conditioner works properly. Aircon servicing helps to increase efficiency and prevents system breakdown.

Air Con Recharge Refrigerant – We will do an aircon inspection to check the refrigerant in the Aircon Compressor. If the Air Con Gas pressure is low, we will do a top up to the allowable pressure level.

Preventive and Corrective Aircon Maintenance- Maintenance today represents a process of change in the equipment, which quantifies their use; it is required to retain and/or refurbish the air conditioner to a required standard operation. The maintenance is expected to minimize costs, maximize airflow, search potential defective component and extend the life of compressors and other elements of an air conditioning.

Aircon Troubleshooting and Aircon Repair- With our competent and qualified experts, we help to identify and troubleshoot issue in your air-conditioning unit and assess the state of your air con unit. Once issue is identified, our expert will propose the most cost-effective solution and give further details like repair cost. Common issues with ac systems are noisy operation, refrigerant leaking, etc. We help you to do away with all these air-con problems with our innovative technology

Aircon Chemical Wash – When general cleaning is not able to provide optimum performance, our technician may suggest to go for aircon chemical cleaning. It helps to kill fungi, bacteria and viruses within the system. Chemical odor neutralizer helps to removes and neutralize odors so that when the system is turned on, it does not release any bad odor.

Installation – With our skilled and proficient technicians, we can perform AC installation professionally. We offer installation of air-conditioning units like split units, ceiling cassette units and the like.

Aircon Service Company

We are a company dedicated to environmental conditioning (cooling/heating) comprising the sale, installation, maintenance and repair of individual type air conditioning: split, multi split, low silhouette, flat-roof, etc. Central, Rooftop, separate Fan coil, VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) air-cooled systems and water systems.

We provide our services in restaurants, hotels, homes, and we also specialize in cold rooms, refrigerators, and other equipment and facilities.

Why you choose us?

You should choose us for a very simple reason! Our company is the most reliable and transparent out there in the market today. We are offering services that make our customers feel comfortable and satisfy.

  • Our technicians are honest, professional, efficient and very result-oriented in their work. You can also get a brief overview from our amiable technicians and they will select the best service for you.
  • You are guaranteed to be finished with your air conditioner maintenance within 24 hours of hiring our services.
  • We guarantee affordable services for our clients and take good care of aircon units
  • We are familiar with different types of aircon brands like Samsung, Daikin, Panasonic, Toshiba etc. and corresponding models.

Contact us today to avail of and to enjoy our services!

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