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Panasonic is in the forefront of selling air-conditioning solutions since its inception. Panasonic has thrived into a domestic name from its inauguration with wide range of products in residential areas, offices, and industrial areas all over the globe. Panasonic renders a completely great range of options concerning different types of air cons and particular models.

At our aircon service company, you can rest assured in appreciating that we have got you protected when it comes to creating a well-versed assessment concerning your AC system. We at our air conditioner service company, offer a wide range of aircon services pertaining to the much-admired AC solutions from Panasonic. To know more about air conditioner services from Panasonic and how you could benefit from our air conditioner solutions.

How to do proper aircon services for Panasonic brand – Panasonic Care and maintenance
Panasonic recommends that airconditioner be installed by skilled technicians as per the instructions provided in the manual. AC need not be installed in places where there are fumes or heat is really high. AC outdoor unit should not be installed near salty sea water to avoid corrosion.

Panasonic aircon sitting on aircon ledge

All the wiring need to be done by experts with respect to local electrical nodes. Wiring need to be done by skilled electrician and every unit need to be grounded properly. Never use refrigerant other than the stipulated type for Panasonic AC which may result in damage or burst.


Cleaning indoor unit and remote control – air con unit need to be wiped mildly with a soft, dry cloth. Never use water warmer than 40 degree Celsius (104 degree Fahrenheit) or polishing fluid to perform aircon cleaning.
Air filter cleaning – Panasonic recommends that air con filter need to be cleaned at least once in every 2 weeks. Dirt can be removed using a vacuum cleaner or the backside of the filter may be washed using water. If air con unit is too dirty, it can be cleaned by aircon cleaner or mild detergent.
Front panel cleaning – When cleaning front panel, don’t press it hard; it can be washed by aircon cleaner fluid. Front panel should not be dried beneath direct sunlight.


Aircon technician remove filters to clean

If your Panasonic aircon encounters any of the below problems, make sure to get in touch with us:
• Abnormal noise during aircon operation
• Water or debris gets into remote control by mistake
• Water leak from AC indoor unit
• Circuit breaker turns off recurrently
• Power supply cord turns out to be bizarrely warm

Panasonic aircon services provided by our aircon service company
• Panasonic aircon installation
• Panasonic aircon chemical wash
• Panasonic aircon cleaning
• Panasonic aircon recharge
• Panasonic aircon repair
• Panasonic aircon maintenance
• Panasonic aircon consultation

Our aircon engineers helps to get rid of oxygen issue problems and prolong the life of AC unit. We can offer all the services regarding Panasonic brand whatever the model be at affordable rates. If you are eager to know more about the services offered by our air conditioning lineup, give us a call. Our specialists will be more than blissful to offer you a free on-site consultation and quote.

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