Aircon Chemical Wash How Often in Singapore

How often do our aircon need chemical wash in Singapore? Many people have concern about this topic and yet there is no definite answer on how often to do aircon chemical wash. You have to look into 2 different factors in your environment and we will help you to sort this out.

The 2 main factors are the air conditioning area or the air conditioned room and the location of air-con area. To put in simple terms, that will be the interior and exterior factors. For interior factor, the room can be used for many purposes like sleeping, meeting, cooking and etc. Some undesired situation is to have the cooking fumes and smell sinking into the aircon unit even they are not turned on. Smoking is a killing spree for air conditioners. All these gets worse when the odours are circulated through the aircon system. All the air conditioner parts will be stained.

For exterior factor, you need to look into your surrounding location. Is there a construction site nearby? All the sand dust are easily carried by wind and flew in different direction up to a few kilometres. You cannot see it, but it will soon piles up in your aircon unit. It will be as dirty as if you left a spot of your house not clean for weeks. You might clean your floor every day, but do you clean the aircon unit every day?

Flush dirt out with chemical

How about coffee shop or hawker stall nearby? Do they have cooking hoods to extract those cooking fumes and odours? Where do you think those fumes goes? Out from the building, carried by the wind and landed somewhere else. And where else but not the aircon unit? There are many other examples whatsoever that is where the dirt and foul smell came from.

It is not easy to justify on how often to do aircon chemical wash. There are 2 symptoms which can be a quick judge to aircon chemical wash if the aircon system is in working condition. They are the ‘Aircon not cold’ and ‘Aircon leaking’ symptoms. However, it would be best for a quick check by our aircon specialist before we conclude. 

Dirt spots over the floor

Foul smell from air conditioning will definitely go for aircon chemical wash. Sometimes, it is better to go for aircon chemical overhaul, which cleans up to 99%.

So with no definite answer, we would recommend that you do an aircon chemical wash yearly. Treat it as a spring cleaning before holidays like Christmas, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and more. It will helps to bring pleasant smell before your guests during holiday celebration or a new good start in the coming year. So call us early for an appointment to avoid the last minute inconvenience.

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