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At our aircon servicing company, we share Toshiba’s vision for comprehensive and concise service. When our great service meets Toshiba’s range of products, it results in the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.

How to do aircon cleaning for Toshiba aircon?
Clean the air filters on a regular basis – Blocked air filters may affect the performance of your air con unit. Make sure to clean them at least once in every two weeks. Indoor unit and remote controller can be cleaned using a dry cloth. Never clean the air conditioner using chemical products as it may damage or may result in the air con surface to fade. Never use benzene, thinner or other solvents for air conditioner cleaning as it may cause the unit to crack or undergo deformation.

If you have not used air con for almost one month – you need to carry out fan operation for three to four hours, this helps to maintain the interior dry. Switch off the ac unit and the circuit breaker. Now, you may clean the air filters. If you don’t give proper servicing and maintenance, AC unit might result in inferior cooling performance, icing, water leakage or even compressor failure.

Toshiba recommendation on the cleaning and maintenance

  • Never clean the aircon with any products indicated as bleach
  • Never try to dismantle the airconditioner in an attempt to clean it
  • Never clean the aircon using scrubbing brush
  • Never dry the aircon by means of hair dryer or similar equipment
  • Once you have done with cleaning, wait till it is dried completely to assemble it back
Toshiba aircon sitting on aircon ledge

If you met with any of the following problems, switch off the aircon system quickly and also switch off the main power and make a call to us
• The main power fuse frequently blows, or the circuit breaker is frequently triggered.
• Water or any other foreign matter has dropped into aircon
• Inefficient cooling performance
• Condensation is developed on the back of indoor unit
• Strange noise is produced by aircon system


Toshiba aircon services provided by our aircon servicing company
• Toshiba aircon installation – Our aircon technicians can install any units in the Toshiba at your premises
• Toshiba aircon chemical wash – when general cleaning does not restore the condition of your air conditioner, give us a ring. Our professionally qualified experts can help you with chemical wash
• Toshiba aircon cleaning – We also offer aircon cleaning to get rid of dirt, debris etc.
• Toshiba aircon cleaner – Our aircon cleaner is safe to use and could be used to clean window units, refrigerator coils and split-unit AC’s

Aircon technician vacuum clean top center part of air conditioner fan coil

• Toshiba aircon recharge – Aircon recharge helps to top up refrigerant and improve the cooling efficiency
• Toshiba aircon repair – If your Panasonic Window AC or split AC has broken down or created a fault, give us a call.
• Toshiba aircon maintenance – Our aircon experts offer comprehensive and complete aircon maintenance which helps to boost overall air quality and reliability of operation
• Toshiba aircon consultation – Our aircon engineers can help you with any queries that you have about Toshiba models

We are a one-stop solution for all your aircon issues, just make a call to fix an appointment with our experts. Relish the quality services offered by our crew at affordable rates.

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