Panasonic Aircon Repair Service


Panasonic is in the forefront of selling air-conditioning solutions since its inception. Panasonic has thrived into a domestic name from its inception and boasts of wide range of aircon units in residential areas, offices, and industrial areas around the globe. Panasonic offers an entirely great range of options regarding different types of air con units and specific models. Our aircon service company devoted to offer our customer a complete protection when they select our maintenance package for their air conditioning system. We also provide Panasonic aircon repair service.

You may turn off the power and switch off the breaker to isolate the equipment from the main power supply in case of an emergency. Panasonic recommends that in case of any aircon related troubles do not to repair the AC system by yourself. They would advise you to get in touch with a qualified professional to perform Panasonic aircon repair.


However, Panasonic do recommend users to perform the following checks before they contact aircon repair:

1. If the aircon unit does not operate, check if the circuit breaker is tripped or if the timer is used correctly

2. If the Air conditioner produces loud noise during operation, check if the installation work is slanted and if the front grille is closed properly
3. If the air con unit does not cool or warm efficiently, check if the temperature is set incorrectly or if the filters are dirty. You may also check if the intake or outlet vents in the aircon outdoor unit is clogged.
4. If the remote control or display does not work, check if batteries are not inserted or if batteries are correctly inserted.

Panasonic aircon pending repair on aircon ledge

If the Panasonic aircon unit exhibits any of the following issues, make sure to get in touch with the qualified technicians:

1. Unusual noise is heard when air con unit is operated.
2. Water or foreign material gets into the remote control by mistake.
3. Water leak from the indoor unit of aircon system.
4. Switches or buttons do not function appropriately.
5. The circuit breaker turns off regularly.
6. Power supply cord becomes remarkably warm.

Our aircon service company provide different types of Panasonic aircon repair – Panasonic Window Air Conditioner Service/Repair and Panasonic Split Air Conditioner Service/Repair.

Different kinds of Panasonic aircon repair that we undertake are:
• Panasonic Aircon Freon Leak Repair
• Panasonic Air Conditioning Unit High Voltage Repairs
• Panasonic Aircon Condenser Repair
• Panasonic Aircon Capacitor Repair
• Panasonic Aircon Compressor Repair
• Panasonic Aircon Electrical Wiring Repair
• Panasonic Thermostat Repair

Panasonic Aircon Repair

Our qualified and skilled aircon engineers helps to get rid of all the aircon problems and helps to prolong the life of AC unit. We render all the services concerning Panasonic brand whatever the model maybe at reasonable rates. If you are keen to know more about the range of services offered by our aircon service company, just drop a call. Our air conditioning specialists will be more than blissful to offer you an on-site inspection and quote.

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