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Our aircon service company is ardent about keeping our clients a cool and comfortable life. With our exemplary aircon services and affordable air con repair rates, you can lead a cool-filled life at your home. We, at our aircon service company specializes in HVAC services. AC repair involves significant knowledge of the system and is not a simple DIY task that you could perform. If you are in need of aircon repair, here is some information to help you get the aircon repaired done fast, professionally, and economically.

For a start, we will talk to our client and understand their aircon problems. We will then do a site inspection and sometimes check if the problem replicates. From there, we will be able to explain the repair that is going to be involved and offer an estimated quote to our client before we start work. This is to ensure that our client feels comfortable and agreed with the repair cost.

We undertake a thorough troubleshooting of the aircon unit to find out any faulty issues in the aircon system. Once we identify the problem and if there is no variation in the initial estimated quote, we will continue to fix it. We offers 1-year warranty for the aircon parts that we replaced. With the simple flow of cost agreement, you will be easily convinced why you could count on us.

Air Conditioner Repair Cost Singapore

All the technicians in our aircon service company are certified by professional HVAC organizations. We have been in the Singapore HVAC industry for 15 years. We still thrive in the industry to provide quality service to our beloved clients – testimonials spoken for us.
We charge a minimal fee for the site inspection and transportation. The repair cost can only be determined by how serious the aircon issue is. It is the total amount of the spare part cost and labour cost to fix it. We offer affordable prices to meet your budget and offer guaranteed services to our clients. Our expert technicians are open to give free consultation to the clients and let them know more about the air con problem, why it occurred, so that clients can take proactive steps in future.

Different types of aircon repair that we perform are as follows:

• Aircon Freon leak repair
• Air conditioning unit high voltage repairs
• Aircon condenser repair
• Aircon capacitor repair
• Aircon compressor repair
• Aircon electrical wiring repair
• Thermostat repair

Air Conditioner Repair Cost

We provide value for money you expend on our aircon repair services. We complete the aircon repair in the time and ensure that our pricing are available at competitive rates as well. To serve you better, our technicians sometimes conduct a basic survey of your site and do a heat-load calculation on both duct system and the units. They will give advice if aircon units are properly sized for the site or methods of energy saving. Get in touch with our aircon service company for peerless aircon repair today.

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