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An aircon system can develop different types of failures or errors if it is used for a very long period without proper aircon services, like aircon maintenance services and aircon cleaning services. Let us explore together what are some of the common aircon failures which is found in home aircon system.

Defective Fan Motor – Condensing fan motors of the aircon system are exposed to the outer environment. They withstands the weather over a long period of time. Some fan motor wear and tear might occur through drastic changes in the ambient temperature.

Defective Compressor – aircon compressor is the main part of the aircon system which contains the refrigerant. Aircon compressor may fail due to issues in temperature control thermostat, temperature control board, main control board, capacitor or selector switch.

Refrigerant – Refrigerant circuit includes copper refrigerant line and evaporator coil. Refrigerant or air con gas helps to transfer heat in the air conditioner. When refrigerant level is low, it can result in reduced cooling, frozen fan coil and decreased efficiency. Leaky refrigerant circuit or systems with low aircon refrigerant is another kind of residential aircon failure. If refrigerant leak persist longer in the refrigerant circuit, it gets more difficult to detect. Some industry widely used high pressure nitrogen test and dyes to identify potential refrigerant leak.

Air conditioning repair for a home resident

Defective Electrical Components – Electricity flows through the electrical components in an aircon system. Some components like capacitors generate heat. When surrounding temperature increases, capacitor could get heated up and starts to wear out. It may fail to operate properly in the long run.

Issues in wiring – Messy or uncertified air con wiring can result in potential aircon failure or even fire hazard. If aircon unit is not properly wired, it may often trip the circuit breaker and may sometimes not receive power.

Electric Control Failure – This usually occurs by corrosion of wire and terminals or failure in the electrical connections.
Sensor Problems – If the sensor is not placed properly, it may cause the aircon unit to malfunction.

Issues in digital thermostat – The most sensitive thing in an air conditioner is its digital thermostat. It gets damaged very easily. Corroded, dusty or frayed wires overtime weaken their smooth operation and cut off the temperature detection. Major cause for the electricity bills to elevate.

Drainage problems – The condensate drains generally get clogged in humid weathers.

Dirty aircon unit – If the aircon unit is not maintained nor cleaned, it could reduce the cooling efficiency of the aircon unit.

Multimeter ready to use on the aircon compressor

Whatever issue with your aircon unit, you can always count on our Aircon Service Company. Entrust your air conditioner related problems to our air conditioning specialists. We will provide an affordable air conditioning solutions to you. With your busy schedule, you might want to get an appointment after normal working hours. Share your timing preferences with us to serve you better. We are ready to extend our service at any point of time in your convenience.

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