Aircon Compressor Repair


If you are looking for a reliable aircon repair or more specifically aircon compressor repair in Singapore, you may consider our aircon service company. Our well qualified technicians help to perform in-depth and exhaustive aircon repair services.

What is aircon compressor?

Aircon compressor motor is a pump which draws refrigerant gas from the indoor elements through refrigerant suction line which is then led into the compressor. Compressor pump then performs compression of low pressure refrigerant to higher pressure. In short, aircon compressor is the main part which results in the flow of refrigerant in the air con system.

Aircon Compressor Repair
Some common causes of aircon compressor failure

Issues in temperature control thermostat – Electrical contacts within temperature control thermostat can undergo burn out ac an aircon system is used over a long period of time. This might result in the thermostat to switch on the fan motor but may fail to switch on the compressor motor.

Issues in temperature control board – Temperature control board is accountable for offering voltage to fan motor and the compressor unit. If there is any defect in the control board, it may fail in giving ample voltage levels to the compressor system. Some of the common parts which can be faulty are compressor overload, capacitor and the compressor. Thorough checking of aircon system need to be accomplished and if you are sure that all the elements are operating correctly, one may need to consider the option of changing the temperature control board.

Issues in main control board – Main control board offers voltage to all elements present in the aircon system. Any issue in the main control board, might not transmit voltage to the compressor unit. Some of the other common units that you need to check are overload protector, compressor capacitor etc.

Issues in capacitor – Capacitor is connected to compressor through electrical leads. If capacitor develops any defects, compressor unit may not work. By using a multimeter, you may check for continuity to ascertain if the capacitor is working properly.

Issues in selector switch – Selector switch is responsible for driving voltage to compressor. Compressor may not work properly if there is any issue in the selector switch. Capacitor and overload unit need to be checked thoroughly to identify any issue. If those units are not faulty, defect might be with the selector switch.

Solutions and preventive actions:

• Regular maintenance need to be performed for the compressor unit to ensure that the aircon system performs flawlessly.
• Evaporator and condenser coil need to be rendered clean and ensure that there is ample airflow.
• Testing for the oil levels in aircon unit is yet another method that will help you to run the aircon system flawlessly. Complete oil analysis or acid test need to be accomplished to check for the moisture levels in the oil.
• Another preventive action that you could implement is changing the indoor air filter regularly. This helps to boost the overall air quality and cuts down the load on compressor.
• Outdoor coil also need to be maintained clean.

Aircon Compressor Repair Singapore

You can always count on our aircon service company to schedule air conditioner maintenance services whenever you wish to have. Feel free to get in touch with us if you suffer an air con breakdown or you are in need of a regular check or aircon repair.

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