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Our National Aircon Servicing in Singapore remains a competitive pricing for the past 10 years without diminish our quality service. This has been our goal to keep up the standard laid down National Air Conditioning long time ago in Singapore and now Panasonic Air Conditioning.

Services we offered in Singapore

You may feel that your air-con looks absolutely clean from its outside. The inside part of the air conditioner may already been completely chocked by dust. If your air con is not being frequently cleaned in spite of long term usage, dust could have clogged up within the air conditioning coils. These could bring about annoying issues, for example like aircon not being cold or bad smell emitted. All this could have been easily checked and cleaned by an aircon technician. They can applied aircon chemical wash in most dirty cases to resolve the issues.

After some time, issues could intensify and cause the air con units to work considerably harder to give the same amount of coolness. Wear and tear in the long run will cause component to have intermittent problem like thermostat failure, sensor failure and etc. Hence, repair cost incurred to make the air conditioning system to work again. Our aircon specialist can also take care of it.

National Aircon Unit

Moving forward with no cleaning persist, multiple failure started to occur within the air conditioner. Even then, we can still do a chemical overhaul to revive the air conditioner in working condition. However, there are two reasons that might change this decision mainly depends on the customer. Reason number 1 is that the component no-longer available in the service center or the market, we cannot proceed without any replacing parts. 2nd reason is that the repair cost total parts and labour exceed the price of buying new. We are also prepared to propose any replacement removal and installation package to support our customer. This can be performed by our aircon specialist too.

Other aircon services include:

New Aircon Unit Installation – make a survey of the intent installation area, calculate the BTU requirement for the area, plan the installation blueprint and quote the installation package.

Periodic Maintenance – schedule the maintenance timing with the air conditioner owner, run through the maintenance checklist, report any potential failure concern and function test the heating and ventilation air conditioning system.

Removal and Disposal of Aircon Unit – survey the premises, remove and dispose the air conditioners within the agreed time frame.

All significant air conditioning system needs routine service to keep it running dependably. Frequently servicing your aircon system will give you various advantages, for example,
• You and your family comfort or your customers comfort will be assured.
• Maintain same cooling efficiency with no increase in electric bills.
• Chances of an excessive breakdown will be reduced, thus reduce repair cost
• Lifespan of the air-con unit will be extended.

Aircon technician cleaning the lower cover of an aircon unit

We take our aircon services to entire Singapore, covering for north, south, east and west. Keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a good air-con system from the frequent issues. Please make an appointment with us to discuss your needs. We also cover brands like Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Sanyo, Daikin, Carrier, Hitachi, Samsung, LG and more.

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