Samsung Aircon Service Singapore

In a hot and humid air out there in Singapore, aircon is a no doubt requirement. Not just does it cool a home or offices, but also expels unpleasant dampness from nature. The main condition is that we need to keep the air-con on regular serviced so as to ensure if they are running properly. Fortunately, with our Samsung aircon servicing in Singapore, your constant need for support will be speedy and simple!

As we are fighting the warmth in hot sunny days and sweating in an air conditioning room, imagine if your air conditioner is not working. No! You ought to get it up and running. Let’s understand the services provided by our Samsung aircon servicing company:

  • Cleaning aircon outer covers and boards
  • Cleaning the aircon filters
  • Cleaning aircon drain pipes
  • Cleaning aircon fan blower
  • Cleaning aircon compressor coils
  • Cleaning aircon condenser waste water tray
  • Chemical washing and flushing of the aircon condenser fins
  • Checking refrigerant pressure
  • Verifying noises generated by each fancoil
  • Checking electrical wires and connection
Samsung Aircon Service Singapore

Process used:

For a normal aircon service, air con covers and filters are dismantled. Vacuum cleaner is used to suck out the debris in the fancoil. Using clear water to wash out the dirt that sticks the aircon filters and cover. A damp cloth are then used to wipe the flaps and drain tray. After some standard check, we will assemble back the air conditioner and do function check.

While air-con cleaning service is good for regular usage, it is advised to do aircon chemical washing service quarterly or half yearly depends on usage frequency. Dirt and debris from the environment might get sticky after sometime. The aircon condenser fins start to accumulate them. These stubborn stain are not easily dealt with by a normal aircon cleaning service.

During aircon chemical cleaning service, air-con covers and filters are also be dismantled. A big bag is slide under the fancoil and wrap up on the sides. We then use a nozzle spray to flush out the dirt and debris from the aircon condenser. You will be surprised by the amount of dirt that got flush out. The remaining process will be the same like the normal cleaning. Vacuum cleaner is used to suck out the excess water. Washing the air con cover and filters. Wipes all air con unit and put them back into its original piece. Then do a bit more checks before handling back to the owner.

The above processes can be as simple as making a telephone booking with our Samsung aircon specialist in Singapore.

Aircon filters was removed for cleaning


General Aircon Service is basic if you have aircon units working in your home or business. Regular support and maintenance will not only makes your air conditioning unit run more productively and additionally grabs any minor issues that may emerge a breakdown in the future. These air conditioner services will extend the life of your aircon units. Our Samsung Aircon Servicing Singapore will lead careful checks to ensure that your air-con unit will reduce any expensive breakdown or replacement.


Here at Aircon Doctor, we provide Aircon Services for Samsung, LG, York, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sanyo and more. Contact us for support now!

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