Daikin Aircon Servicing in Singapore

In case if you’re searching for a standout brands in air conditioner amongst the popular brand in Singapore, Daikin Systems is the one. Design to give ease in servicing and maintenance for each of their models. We are glad to be perceived as one of the specialists in Daikin aircon servicing. Our company provide multiple services in Singapore as mentioned below.


Regular Cleaning Package: To the most respectable air cooling system, Daikin, we render after warranty proactive servicing package in helping clients to prevent their air con framework and gear from breakdowns. The services keep up the product life of Daikin air conditioner. The group’s effort are to demonstrate good service quality to the air conditioning system.

Regular Overhaul: One critical piece of preventive maintenance is the overhaul. Overhaul give chances to dismantle and examine parts for wears and tears. A consulting with our Daikin service technician helps clients decide an appropriate interim for overhaul.

Office Aircon Servicing: Yes, our Daikin experienced air con service group has finished a lot of aircon related services and maintenance for many company office. General Inspection keeps aircon parts in ideal condition from undesired breakdown and reduce operational expense.

Daikin Aircon sitting on aircon ledge

Yearly contract for aircon support: For Daikin Systems, we will suggest the support based on your air conditioning usage. You can pick monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly maintenance based upon your needs.

Troubleshooting and Repair service: The aircon service likewise gives a quick reaction to breakdowns and crisis repairs. Our specialized staff will check your air con unit to identify issue(s) and get your approval before we repair.

Recommended Process for cleaning

Regular aircon cleaning and maintenance: Checking, cleaning, and vacuuming all parts of aircon system unit including air channel, front board and cover, seepage plate, cooling curl and blower, waste container, seepage pump, open air condenser loop, compressor suction, release weight, fan bearing and oil, and freshening up and flush air con pipe.

Chemical cleaning for aircon system: Here work incorporates disassembling of aircon unit, synthetic treatment and washing of aircon unit and all related parts, and charging nitrogen gas. Daikin System has recommend this process to clean air conditioning systems all through to eliminate germs and microscopic organisms. This cleaning includes no unsafe chemicals. So be worry free during hot days of Singapore.

Aircon technician vacuum clean lower left part of air conditioner fan coil

Most Common Benefit:

Aircon gather dust when they work. Dust aggregates in different spots inside the aircon and cooling systems. Dust followed on warmth exchangers, fans, and deplete skillet can turn into the reason for genuine harm to hardware. Gathered dust brings down warmth exchanger effectiveness as well as lessens the flow of wind current to affect the general performance. Dust also prompts water leaking and hardware breakdowns. Normal maintenance service will keep your aircon running smooth and with most extreme output.


Instead of waiting for a breakdown amid top humid seasons in Singapore to have repairs made, contact our Daikin specialist today to have your aircon checked. We expand its life and brings down maintenance costs with ease.

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