Hitachi Aircon Service Provider in Singapore

Hitachi is an aircon system common brand name for each home unit, industries and business properties in Singapore. Being one of the aircon market pioneer, they aim to keep up their position by giving best air conditioning system and services to honor clients with respect in quality on time service. With this value, our company are also embrace the need of consistency in our aircon services.

Aircon maintenance ought to be planned and performed regularly by a trained aircon proficient. At the point when aircon condenser, drain tray and other parts get dirty after few months of usage, bacteria develop and the air quality get traded off. A dirty air conditioner affects the cooling movement in that area. This makes the person in that area felt stuffy and smelly.


Services Provided in Singapore:

Appreciate less electricity usage and extend life span of your aircon system, we give a full scope of one-stop aircon services, includes however not constrain to:

  • Clean air filters, water tray, aircon coil fin and fan blower.
  • Clean and check condenser and compressor unit if require
  • Clear drain pipe blockage
  • Check potential leakage
  • Check air con gas level and recharge if require
  • Install new/second hand aircon unit
  • Relocate/reroute aircon tubing/piping
  • Quarterly and yearly support maintenance contract
Hitachi Aircon sitting on aircon ledge

Clients can pick the standard aircon cleaning or aircon chemical cleaning. We are familiar with window casement air-con, split air-con unit or industrial air-con units with the support of our experienced specialists.

How frequent would it be a good idea for you to service your aircon unit in Singapore habitat? The recurrence of aircon services ought to rely on the aircon utilization. If you use the air conditioning consistently, it is advised that the aircon service be done each 2 to 3 months. In the event that you use it less than often, maybe the aircon service ought to be done around 4 to 6 months. Even if you rarely utilize your aircon, you ought to switch it on in once per week and have it checked regularly. This is recommended by aircon professionals of Hitachi to ensure that aircon system is still working. This is to prevent aircon breakdown after it was not turn on for quite a while.

Regardless of the fact that you are a citizen or an expat living in Singapore, we give the same quality service and non-bias charge. We will give you a fresh clean air conditioning environment to safeguard your family and companions. Our goal is to take care of all your aircon issues and shield you from dilemma like asthma, dermatitis, bronchitis, sniffle caused by bacteria and dirt.

Aircon technician vacuum clean the center left part of air conditioner fan coil

For the additional benefits, you will pay less electrical bills with the improved air conditioning efficiency. Less noise and faster cooling due to the cleaned air-con system. You will definitely deserve a healthier place in Singapore. We are also expert in other brands like Mitsubishi, Sanyo, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, Daikin, York and more. So book us for your aircon servicing now!

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