Europace Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Your Europace air conditioner is no doubt an advantageous and productive home air-con unit that makes it feasible for you to cool your home in Singapore. Nonetheless, you can prevent from spending cash on repairs, enhance its effectiveness and decrease the measure of energy it uses in the event that you keep your aircon properly maintained.

If you agree with this and yet are resolved to service your Europace aircon yourself, you want to go through the air conditioner’s maintenance manual first before you start. In the event that you are not certain how to service your Europace air conditioner, you can call us and we will provide you with varies services in Singapore like standard cleaning, chemical washing, repair, maintenance and even installation.

Here is how we execute the standard Europace aircon servicing:
• Air filter cleaning on a timely basis
We open the front cover and remove the air-con filters from the air conditioner. Once the air-con filters removed, we will clean it by spraying water to flush out the dirt in the bathroom. Stubborn stain can be removed by using sponge with mild cleaning agent. The air-con filters will be left to dry before reinstall back to the air conditioning unit. Gaps or tears may occur after many years of usage, you might want to replace them sometime.

Europace Aircon sitting on aircon ledge

Condenser coils cleaning

Vacuum clean the condenser coils and carefully not touching the condenser fins will be done smoothly with continuous flow from left to right and top to bottom. Throughout time depends on the environment, a development of dirt and debris will build up in between the condenser fins. When dirt heavily populated on those fins, your air conditioning system will be working harder to gain the desired cooling temperature. This is likely to be the reason that you are paying more electric bills each month, since it caused your air conditioner to utilize more energy. When this happened, standard cleaning will not be effective and so you might need to apply chemical cleaning.


• Checking the operating function on the remote control

The batteries in the remote control of your aircon system may likewise be checked. If the remote control is still not working, temperature adjustment, air con flaps adjustment and other remote control function may be tested.


• Beware for any insect nests inside

Honey bees or wasps may have made nest inside your aircon unit. On the off chance that you never secured it after air-cond not used for a long period of time. Very rarely happened in Singapore, it is better to wrap the aircon system up when not in used.


Benefits from Europace Aircon Servicing

• Avoid expensive repair

• Reduce energy cost thus electric bill

• Extend the air-con life span

Aircon technician removing aircon filters to wash

While there is nothing wrong with you cleaning your Europace aircon by yourself, there are more challenge symptoms started to show up like aircon not cold even after servicing, aircon leaking and etc. In Singapore, whatever brands like Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Sanyo, Toshiba, Daikin, Carrier, LG, Samsung and more, we are there to support you. Please continue to service your aircon. They are your asset in getting away from the hot weather.

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