How Much Does Aircon Servicing Cost

An aircon system is a mind boggling part of an electronic family. Diagnosing and repairing an aircon issue is not a straightforward attempt. You must know its components extremely well in order to deal with the system. You probably need to have some skills in both electrical and mechanical, which are the principles of an air conditioning system. While most people do not have these understanding, which is why a technician could avoid wearing off the air con system or identify the potential cause of failure during a normal servicing.


The average servicing expense of air-con in Singapore are almost the same. We do not say that we are the cheapest aircon servicing in Singapore, but we have to value our services against theirs. Be that as it may, it is critical to have a general idea of the costs included. It is more crucial to guarantee that the quality services are given than paying much attention to the cost of the air-con service delivered.

The aircon servicing costs mainly vary due to labour employed and time utilized on each service. Let’s understand these factors:

1. No. of coils

Most aircon units differ from each other due to the number of coils they possess. This is the main factor that we consider as the more the number of coils, the more it cost in labor and time spent. However, if we travel less from point to point in Singapore, it is much cheaper in the total servicing cost to have more quantity serviced in one location.

Display the dirt lay on the aircon filters

2. Cleaning process

Aircon chemical cleaning is very different from the standard cleaning in term of process. Instead of just vacuuming the evaporator coil, we remove it and applied some cleaning solution to break down the stubborn dirt particles and flush them off by spraying water on it. The rest will be much similar to the standard cleaning, like vacuuming the debris that sit on the evaporator coil, washing the air-con filters, wipe cleaning the flaps and covers. Chemical cleaning can come in handy particularly when the standard service fails to deliver the coldness of air conditioning. It also smells better after we flushed out the bacteria that are grow within the dirt and debris in the air conditioners.

3. Type of servicing

There are events when air conditioning system started to fail. Not all water leaking or aircon not cold can be fixed by cleaning. Your air con appliance need support to troubleshoot the cause of failure and apply the corrective action. Aircon repair is required to be done by professional like our aircon specialist.
When you need your operation to run smoothly in extensive period of time, aircon maintenance has to be executed. We have the air-con expert to ensure that. Standard checklist and preventive care cannot be slacken. It is more appropriate to have an aircon maintenance contract for this required service.

Vaccum clean the squirrel cage fan

In conclusion, you have to determine what is more important to you. It is not worth to save a bit of money for the sub-standard service provided by non-professional person. We weight the value of the quality services given to our customers. We are capable in handling brands like Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Panasonic, Daikin, Carrier, Hitachi, Samsung, LG and more. You may contact us now for a quotation or a package in our pricing.

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