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Aircon system is a standout among the most crucial appliance at your home in Singapore. It can be used to reduce the temperature in your room rapidly. When you utilize the air con system for quite a while, you have to take a decent care it periodically. Your aircon system can last for many years. If you do own a Fujitsu air conditioning system, you may like to choose our Fujitsu aircon servicing package in Singapore.

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Consistent aircon cleaning is the basic to maintain the viable working condition of the air-con device. This is to prevent the costly repairs from occurring frequently. A large number of aircon owners wait for a complete breakdown in the aircon system before putting money into it, but this should not be the situation. The most ideal approach to minimize this high costs in aircon repair is to provide constant servicing and spot on any glitches before the issue become major. Hence you might want to look out for the following symptoms.

  • Aircon Water Leaking

It might leads to a buildup of frost or ice melting from the cooling coils. Your aircon may not be function properly when its temperature gets too low. If this happens, the temperature around the air conditioner evaporator coil is probably having lower than 10 degrees Celsius. This might be good to go for a check of the air conditioning system.

Fujitsu Aircon Servicing Singapore

• Drainage Problems
In the mid toward evaporating the refrigerant, the aircon evaporator may condensate. This fluid is expelled out of the house by drain pipe. If this condensate fluid gets massive or the drain pipe gets blocked, it will flood the drain pan. More water will drip from the opening of the air conditioner. If the seals broke, you can see the wall gets wet or damp around the air conditioner indoor unit. This might be worth to call for an inspection.

• Sensor Problems
When you trying to turning the aircon system on or off or changing the temperature setting using the remote control, nothing happens. Do not panic. Just try it on another air conditioner with the same system. You may also change batteries and try again. If problem still assist, try to use another aircon remote control. If that works, your remote control spoiled. If it still not working, there are 2 major components related. They consist of a receiver and a controller board. Either one could be faulty.

• Aircon Not Cold
One of common reason that we are going to discuss here is dirt. It is as simple as that, but a lot of air conditioner owner did not realized that how important it is to keep their air-con cleaned. A clogged aircon evaporator cannot get sufficient heat transfer.

Aircon technician take out aircon filters to clean

It is a smart idea to bring in an expert every now and then to service your air-con in Singapore. In addition, he can make some check to prevent costly repairs and extend the lifespan of the air conditioner. If you work out on the servicing package provided by us, it is totally a saving. We are also experienced in other brands like Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, Sanyo, Samsung, Hitachi, York and more. Call our hotline now!

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