How often to service Aircon in Singapore


Living in a tropical island like Singapore, we get quite a decent amount of warm daylight every day. The climate can be very hot and humid, particularly towards the mid-part of the year. As a result of this, the air conditioner has turned into a need for most Singaporean families. In reality, the vast majority of us enjoy the sentiment of walking into a cool ventilated room every time. Therefore, like any other electrical hardware, air conditioning system should be well-maintained to ensure they are in good working condition.

Likewise, for the commercial and industrial, the HVAC of the whole facility must be well kept in operational ready so that the people shopping or working inside the building do not get suffocated. It comes down to this following question yet sometimes hard to reply.

How frequent should you get your air conditioner to service?

To answer this question, we ought to look upon how much time you utilize your air conditioning system. Some uses it every day, some uses it every hour and some only uses it when they need it most or once in a while. The environment is also another contributor. Some lives in the natural outskirt of a busy town. Some lives in a dusty area where construction site or factories are nearby. It gets trickier to answer that question.

However, there is general rule of thumb which most follows for

Standard Servicing:
• For usage lower than 60 hours per week servicing should be quarterly.
• For usage greater than 60 hours per week servicing should be monthly.
• Environment factor, increase or decrease frequency by looking at how dirty are the filters

Chemical Cleaning:
• Around once in a year, only do it when it gets too dirty, not cold or clogged that caused aircon water leaking.
• There is another situation when the air conditioner had not been used for quite some time and you want to get it starts up.

For Commercial:
• You may follow the Standard Servicing guide
• However, if your premises is larger than 100 square meters, we would suggest you get us to survey the premise in order to determine the best aircon servicing frequency.

For Industrial:
• It is difficult to say how frequently we do. We normally followed the guideline given by the brand’s heating and ventilating air conditioning system. Everything is scheduled accordingly.
• It always falls under the facilities maintenance program. The program itself will determine the frequency of the aircon servicing. Normally, it is regulated by the failure frequency and maintenance check findings.


Finally, it is really up to the individual owner to decide on how frequently they should get their aircon servicing done. Many had fail due to careless in awareness and consistency. Calls that we picked up, about 90 percent are in their breakdown mode. We are here to provide the air-con servicing support. Standard aircon servicing should one day be like how we take care of our car in Singapore.


Information provided by Jacq, Aircon Doctor SG


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