Residential Aircon Servicing in Singapore


She had her aircon system installed at her HDB flat situated in the north part of Singapore about a few years ago. Until one day, her aircon unit started to jitter and foul smell spewed out of the machine. She came in contact with this aircon servicing company, whom inspected her air conditioner, suggested that it should go for a proper aircon chemical wash. She went with their advice and to her surprise, the air con foul smell is gone and the jitter also stopped. She can felt the air conditioning was fresh cool as good as new.

Weeks later after that, her brother came to her place and complained about his air-con having a similar problems. He also grumbled on the icing problems in his air conditioning unit and water was dripping out from the vents. That aircon chemical wash service came right into her mind and she immediately shared her earlier experience with her brother. He called the aircon servicing company and arranged them for a round of chemical cleaning on his air conditioner. The end result was great. All the icing and leakages were gone and so was the foul smell. It was quite disturbing to him, because both his son and daughter had sensitive nose. They were sneezing all day and taking Vitamin C would not help. My sister-in-law was worried sick.

Now that his air conditioner was freshly cleaned, her brother was really happy. The children got well and his wife was relieved. He thanked his sister for referring him to this aircon servicing company. Both of them were totally satisfied with this service provider.
When you have an air conditioning issue, we strongly recommend that you may want to look up for our services. Our air conditioning specialists are really experienced in residential aircon servicing for many years in Singapore. We believe we will keep up our quality service at all time.


Information provided by Susan, Sembawang Singapore


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