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We received an aircon repair service request from Jurong Singapore. It happened to be an aircon remote control issue with the customer’s LG inverter gold model. By the given air-con model number and aircon problem description from the customer, we were able to identify the possible aircon part failure. We share this common aircon troubleshooting information with people, as they might encounter the same aircon problem in future.

Staying calm would help you to follow these 2 simple checks on your air conditioning issue.

1. Using a manual switch found on air conditioner’s cover to turn on the air conditioning can determine whether the air conditioning is working or not.

a. Air conditioning is not functioning, contact Aircon Doctor for help.
b. Air conditioning is functioning, then follow on to the next check.

2. Aircon remote control function checking,

a. Aircon remote control batteries – Please ensure that there are batteries in compartment and change out the batteries if require, then try to turn on the air con again.
b. If you have the another same brand same model air conditioner, try the suspected faulty aircon remote control(A) with another good working condition aircon remote control(B) to observe if that aircon remote control(A) is working. You may continue to test those remote controls with all the same brand same model air conditioners to confirm which is faulty. We might have the aircon remote control to offer if require.

3. For this case, the air conditioning is in working condition after turning on the manual switch. The customer tried another remote control on his air conditioner and it did not worked. We could simply doubt that the air conditioner’s sensor might be faulty.

We had the correct part on hand and the aircon repair service was done swiftly.


Information provided by Lawrence, Jurong Singapore


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