When do we change aircon piping in Singapore?


We have to consider a few factors before we make that decision to change aircon piping. First, let’s take a look at what was installed as aircon piping can last for minimum 10 years or more. Aircon piping are made of copper and they comes in different outer diameter. There are also rubber conduit to wrap around these copper piping during aircon installation. These air con materials will deteriorate through the years. In order for the aircon piping to last longer than 10 years, our aircon service company always ensure the used of good quality product.

The most aircon problem we encounter were gas leaking and water leaking, because material deterioration is one of the contributor. If the aircon materials are worn in less than 10 years, how was the aircon piping installed. Aircon installation workmanship and routing that was taken play a part when it comes to deterioration. We do not recommend too much bend over close corners. If there are a few punched, too many joints or crooks along the aircon pipe routing, aircon problems may slowly start to occur. That is why our company always emphasise on proper workmanship for every aircon installation job.

Some external factors may come into consideration on whether to change the aircon piping or not. Are there aircon piping under any box-up or covered partition? Is there an upsize or downsize of the overall BTU? Are there changes in aircon brands or models? Are there any obstacles to re-route the aircon piping? It is not easy for someone without the expertise to overcome these factors. We do recommend that you seek support on these to finalize what you really want and let the aircon expert advise you whether you should change the aircon piping or not. They are capable to inspect your existing aircon piping condition and based on your requirement to justify the action to be taken.


Information enquiry by Winnie, Hougang Singapore

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