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Yes, Aircon Doctor SG totally agreed with our customer. We thank him for his honest feedback on our aircon repair service done on 16th May 2017. Apparently, we have to admit that the air-con part cost are high from any air con brand service center, and we have no control over it. The only value we can provide is the aircon service to do critical fault finding, identifying the actual air conditioning failure and get them fixed. In many case, customers looking for aircon repair do not understand the cost behind every single repair job. Most of the repair cost are breakdown into air-con part cost and repair service cost.

Our challenge always lays on the air conditioner parts. There are so many aircon brands and models out in the Singapore market. It is not easy to keep all of those air con spare parts in a warehouse. Each aircon brand has their service center spread across the whole Singapore. Some of them do not even have an aircon service center. Some air-con parts are hard to come by, as some brands do not keep sufficient parts in their own center. In some case, we might have to place order in advance in order to secure the specific air-con parts. Their prices are always on the high side so we can only quote the customers as it is. The customers have to decide whether to proceed with the aircon repair and accept the quotation or not.

For aircon repair service cost, they are breakdown into the initial inspection cost, follow up with labour and transportation cost. Initial inspection cost will be deduct from the total aircon repair cost once quotation are accepted by the customers. We have to make a point from here that some customers want us to quote as a second opinion without inspection. We do not want to do that because, if the air-con parts are changed according to the quote and the aircon problem is not resolved. Who should be responsible, the other aircon contractor who did the inspection or Aircon Doctor SG who done the repair without inspection? To be professional, we do not quote aircon repair on what we do not inspect. Please call us for any aircon repair service today.


Information provided by Colin, Toa Payoh Singapore

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