Air Conditioner Removal for Woodlands Singapore


We really appreciate this customer for giving us a pat on the shoulder. We did an air conditioner removal for her HDB flat in Woodlands Singapore. It was a system 2, which is an aircon compressor unit supporting 2 air conditioning fan coil. After the customer’s old air conditioner broken down for a couple of times, it was beyond repair. Sometimes it is very difficult to find old air conditioner’s spare parts once they phased out after 10 years of their end production cycle. The brand no longer support old parts as they are making new models. This is very common in the air-con market.

Old broken aircon left unattended for years may invites new inhabitant like birds and bees. For her case, it was cockroaches. Each female cockroach can lay about 50 eggs and takes a nymphs 7 weeks to grow into a full size cockroach. This is no laughing matter for killing those pest. If you sprayed into their nest, they may run into your kitchen, toilets and bedrooms. The house owner may call the pest control for a temporary solution as the pest may come back after some time. It would be wise to eliminate the problem, which is removing the potential habitat for the pest; the old broken air conditioner. She booked us for an appointment after removing those pest.


Covering these aircon hole is also crucial. If the aircon hole is not sealed properly, rain water may seep through the gap and goes into the house. We make it nicer so it does not look like there is an aircon hole. What’s left for the house owner is to get the wall painted to their favourite colour. Call us for an appointment to help you remove your broken aircon today.


Information provided by Ms Anis, Woodlands Singapore

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