Aircon Servicing in Jurong West Singapore

It was really warm when we got into that Jurong West office in Singapore. There were no windows in these typical office inside a big building, situated in an industrial park. Air flow was stiff and the office ladies were running away from the heat. When the air is not flowing, you cannot imagine how much heat can be generated by the people inside that office. Those heat will drive you crazy and the pressure gets build up so easily. Nobody can concentrate in that kind of situation. In such condition, it is advised to keep the door opened so that the oxygen level might not drop too low on the other side of the room.

There are 2 common air conditioning system used for cooling in these kind of buildings; ducted and ductless. Ducted ones are the CAV Constant Air Volume and the VAV Variable Air Volume air conditioning systems. Their main purpose is to control the ventilation and temperature by converting the air from the outside of the building into cold air before distributing to each part of the building where they are needed. Dustless ones are VRF Variable Refrigerant Flow or VAV Variable Refrigerant Volume air conditioning system. Refrigerant uses as a media, which are sent to the fan coil units in each individual area. Air is drawn within the area and converts into the desired air temperature to cool the area.

After some troubleshooting work, we were able to get the air-con system up and running. There were an uproar of happiness for a moment and everybody in the office went back to work. A lot of productivity lost during this air conditioning downtime. Mostly caused by poor air-con maintenance. We recommended more aircon cleaning to be done and tighter maintenance schedule. However, this company’s aircon maintenance was not serviced by us. We were merely called in for help because the main contractor was not able to make it.


Information provided by Mr Tay, Jurong West Singapore

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