3 Main Reasons Why Aircon Not Cold After Servicing

Now that there are a lot of people asking this question in Singapore. It is for us to discuss and share this information to the public. We are really trying to fix the ‘aircon not cold’ issue here. It should be easy to understand that there are steps to go through in order to identify the actual cause for this problem.


To understand the problem, you must understand how air conditioning system works? Briefly explain, aircon refrigerant (also known air con gas) gets compressed from the aircon compressor, released heat at the outer condenser to turn into liquid. These liquid aircon refrigerant were sent to release cold and turn into gas at the indoor evaporator before returning back to the compressor. This forms a circulation. Any stoppage of this circulation caused problems.


Here are the 3 main reasons why is the aircon not cold after servicing.
1. Dirty – Both air conditioner evaporator and condenser fan coils need surface area for heat transfer. There are a lot of dirt and debris inside the fan coil fins, which cannot be easily seen even after removing the covers and filters. They mostly sat deep right in between the fins of the fan coil. They are not easily reachable by normal cleaning, which we carry out in aircon servicing. When all these surface area of the fins got block by the dirt, there are might not be enough air flow and heat transfer to cool the area. Solution would be Aircon Chemical Cleaning to flush out the dirt and debris.

2. Refrigerant – As the heat transfer media, it plays an important role in the air conditioning system. Refrigerant can bleed off through time. They are sealed inside the connection between all points of the air condition unit. They must be kept within range. Too much or too little refrigerant or any breakage will cause sluggishness or no circulation. Those lead to the same problem we discuss here. Solution would be aircon recharge (air con gas top up) or fix the leak.

3. Faulty Air-con Component – Worst case scenario of the ‘aircon not cold after servicing’ is the failure of any parts that contributed to the circulation of the refrigerant like aircon compressor, condenser, evaporator, fan, expansion valve and etc. It needs more troubleshooting to identify the actual component failure. Solution would be part replacement.


Nevertheless, we have summarized them into these 3 main points. They are easy to understand and hopefully help you to work your way out of this ‘aircon not cold after servicing’ issue.


Information collected by Jacq, Aircon Doctor Singapore.


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