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When you opt for our company for your aircon servicing requirements, you would never feel any problems pertaining to the cost. We never come up with any hidden charges as we always mention the total aircon servicing or repair cost before-hand. We value our customers and welcome them to be our long term customer. We, at our Aircon Servicing Company offer affordable air con servicing packages and reasonable air conditioner repair services.

Our customers come from different economic strata and hence, we provide flexible aircon services to go well with your funds, necessities and prerequisites. Our affordable range of aircon services coupled with professionalism and quality services is targeted to develop a family of clients who instill confidence in our air-con services and rely on us. With our Aircon Servicing Company, you are sure to experience comfortable life with our range of air-con services.

Let take a quick look at the range of aircon services offered by us

  • Reasonable aircon installation
  • Budget aircon chemical wash
  • Cost-effective aircon cleaning
  • Modest aircon recharge
  • Nominal aircon repair
  • Economical aircon maintenance
  • Low-Cost aircon consultation
Aircon technician removing aircon filters for cleaning

Getting your aircon serviced on a regular basis is imperative to let your aircon unit run continually without any hassles. Aircon servicing helps to give a boost to the life span of the air conditioner unit. By fostering air con efficiency, you could cherish fresh, pure and unblemished air. Aircon experts state that aircon servicing can help you save on electricity bills as high as 10-15 percentage. This could also put an end to earlier breakdowns. We also offer comprehensive aircon solutions to our loved and cherished clients.


Guess what will happen if you do not value your air conditioner. You would be left with no other option other than buying a new air con unit and replacing the faulty ones with a costly expenses. You might need to spend more than that of a periodic aircon servicing. Our trained and well qualified aircon professionals that would help you in accomplishing those aircon services. We also explain the issues affecting your aircon unit and suggest steps to maintain your aircon unit in top condition. If you ignore problems in the aircon unit, chances are that it will snowball into bigger problems and you would find them more difficult to handle, which may lead to an air con overhaul.

Aircon technician vacuum clean the right side of the aircon squirrrel cage fan

Whatever the problems that affect your air con unit, please call us immediately and let our company’s air conditioning specialists take care of it. Our pride in our service takes over the servicing responsibility of your air con system. You may just drop us a call at any point of time, we would be more than happy to assist you.

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