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Our company is a trusted aircon service company supported by a group of aircon experts. We called them the aircon doctors. Our well-trained aircon doctors can take care of your aircon unit, just like how the doctors treat their patients. They will takes care of the aircon unit not only when it suffers breakdown or serious aircon related problems but also when it is working fine.

Proactive maintenance steps taken by our aircon experts help to make sure that your aircon unit does not fail easily. Opting for our maintenance service will help you to stay cool during the blistering weather, and avoid unfriendly aircon malfunction. Our aircon doctors here to identify the root cause of your aircon breakdown and suggest preventive measures and remedial measures. It is ideal to get in touch with us to fix your aircon issues.

During maintenance, our aircon doctors arrive at your doorstep with a comprehensive checklist and verify if your aircon system is proper with respect to every check. This way, you can be certain that your aircon unit is thoroughly serviced. Following the tips offered by our aircon doctors helps to make sure that your aircon system does not breakdown frequently when AC system is running at full capacity. Any identified problem will be discussed with the aircon owner to clear and fix instantly.

Aircon Doctor Singapore

To choose and install an aircon system is not as simple as one thinks. Choosing a system that has insufficient capacity for that area could lead to over-worked aircon failing in its early years. Remedy aircon routing mistake can be a nightmare. Mistake that could lead to a failure in later years are often too late to spot. It is crucial to opt for the appropriate heating, ventilation and air-conditioning unit for your home or commercial store. Based on multiple factors like the number of rooms, size of the rooms and purpose of the rooms, our aircon doctors can calculate the BTU required and propose the best air conditioning system that meets your cooling requirement. Our HVAC engineers can discuss and design the aircon installation for you. Your air conditioning system should be routed and installed in the proper manner, so that it can provide you supreme comfort through the years.


All our aircon service technicians are well trained and certified, and are vetted before being hired to ensure they are the right fit. Our Aircon doctors have good knowledge both technical and practical aspects to offer you complete service, which encompasses knowledge on

Aircon Doctor
  • Heating and Ventilation
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC-R)
  • Refrigeration basics and heating principles
  • Air con modules
  • Aircon Installation and maintenance
  • Aircon chemical wash and aircon cleaning
  • Aircon recharge and aircon repair
  • Aircon maintenance and aircon consultation
  • Industrial safety
  • Blueprint reading
  • Air quality monitoring and controlling
  • Humidity monitoring and controlling
  • Refrigerant leak testing
  • Troubleshooting

Contact us for our affordable and quality aircon services and our aircon doctors will be at your service today!

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