Aircon Cleaning Service in Singapore


Aircon unit is just another electro mechanical systems in your home that need regular maintenance and servicing. If you continue to use the aircon system and neglect its cleaning, you would have to face regretful consequences in the long run. Most of the people think that just by installing an air conditioning system is enough to break away from the punishing grip of heat waves.

Imagine if you turn on the aircon unit in a tropical summer and what you receive from it is just hot air. There is nothing more disappointing than such a condition. You cannot work efficiently when you are fighting with the scorching temperature. An aircon unit in proper form can give you back your mood to work.

If you are careless with your electricity bill, energy consumption on that poor performing air-conditioning is skyrocketing. You may have to get your aircon unit checked. Chances are that your aircon unit may not be defective, but keeps drawing extra power to try deliver the cooling. Here lies the relevance of aircon cleaning. Our aircon service company offers periodic and systematic aircon cleaning services to our beloved clients. This is to ensure that our clients could keep a peace of mind away from any substandard conditions.

Aircon Cleaning Service Singapore

Aircon cleaning services that we offer are based on many factors taking account into the aircon usage duration and air quality of the surrounding environment. Long hours of the air-conditioning usage will continuously build up dirt on the aircon filters. Your surrounding air quality may be affected by haze. If you are residing in an industrial area or deforesting, pollutants like dirt, rubbles, chunks of and even mold could accumulate within the aircon system. Thus they demand more aircon cleaning.

Aircon cleaning also helps to foster the overall efficiency of the air con unit, which implies that you could enjoy cooler atmosphere faster. You can also save considerably on the electricity bills as well.

If you or your family members have any respiratory problems or have low body resistance, aircon cleaning could help to restore the environment hygiene up to a certain extent. You could feel the positive aura around when you get that air con system flawlessly cleaned and in perfect working condition. If an aircon unit is not properly cleaned, it may emanate foul smell and may sometimes lead to the breeding ground of infection causing microbes. It may be quite disgusting at times and become difficult to cope with. When it gets worse, you may opt for our chemical cleaning service.

Aircon Cleaning Service

To have your aircon units sparkling cleaned, you might want to call for our aircon cleaning service. We humbly provided more than 15 years of service in the aircon niche for Singapore residential, commercial and industrial. We would be more than happy to work with you on a one-time service, yearly contract or an affordable packages based on your needs.

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