Aircon Cleaner used in Singapore

Bacteria and viruses are a safe house for the air conditioning boxes where they multiply from all the stale air and cause bad odors and cause various diseases which start with symptoms like cold, cough and itchy eyes.
Aircon cleaner helps to clear the dirt trapped within and aides in improving the quality of the air and the cooling efficiency, which in turn saves bills and promotes fresher air.

Product features:

  1. Promotes cleaner air.
  2. Effectively cleans up the build-up dirt.
  3. Saves bills.
  4. Performance of the units is significantly improved.
  5. Does not contain any harsh chemicals.
  6. Safe to use on air-con fins and coils.

Aircon cleaner is safe to use on any and all brands. It can also be used to clean window units, refrigerator coils and split-unit AC’s.

Aircon Cleaner Singapore

How to use Aircon cleaner?

The AC unit has to be switched off and the windows have to be open for ventilation, after which you have to remove all the dirty filters for cleaning and clean all the dirt from the coil fins.
The product can has to be shaken well before use and positioned 10 cm away from the coil fins.
Spray the aircon cleaner from top to bottom in a circular motion and allow it to penetrate inwards for a good 15-20 minutes.
Now the clean filters and casings can be replaced and switch on the AC for about 50 minutes to initiate the cleaning process.
Set the AC at about 24°C and put on high fan mode during the process.

Aircon Cleaner

Misuse of aircon cleaner

Specialists have warned of the damage that the misuse of aircon cleaners can result in or cause. They can worsen people’s health and their pre-existing diseases can significantly worsen too. It can trigger colds, bronchitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis and ear infections in people with low defenses, children and the elderly.

In addition to this, a lousy cleaner can result in a multitude of other problems and instead of doing some good, it may end up making the system worse or screwing things up, even if your intentions are good. This is why it is always advised to hire the help of a professional and to let them take care of your air conditioning system. Unless you know what you are doing and have done this kind of cleaning on your own before, it is infinitely better to leave the work in the very able hands of a professional who have been doing it since a long time and will give you good results.

Though these aircon cleaners are efficient and easy to use; for amateurs, these can prove to be quite the opposite and self cleaning may damage your system rather than aide in its cleaning. Therefore, it is advisable to always go for a professional help because they know the cleaner’s Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS). You can assure that your air conditioning system is in good hands and will be well taken care of!

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