4 Air Conditioning Solutions to Keep Your Unit Up and Running

Because of its location near the equator, high temperatures and hot days are expected by both residents and tourists in Singapore. With this said, an air conditioning unit for your home or office is one of the best investments when living in Singapore. However, there are days when your air conditioning unit might not be working properly. To help you solve issues on your air conditioning unit, here’s a list of the 4 most common problems and the appropriate Do-It-Yourself air conditioning solutions to troubleshoot your unit:

Problem #1: Aircon unit turns off on its own, or does not turn on at all

Solution: First, check if the power cord of the air conditioning unit is properly plugged into the electricity source. If this is the cause, try to re-plug it. If it still does not open, check if there is any problem with the electric plug or socket. Also, look for any signs of discrepancies on the cord itself, which may be caused by rat or other animal bites, or over twisting or binding. Third, check if the circuit breaker and the unit’s fuse are both working properly. If you found any of these to be the source of the non-performance of your unit but you don’t know how to fix the circuit breaker or the fuse, don’t attempt to do so. Instead, seek the help of our air conditioning specialists to help you in solving the problem.

Problem #2: Frozen coils and drainage issue

Solution: Your air conditioning unit might not work properly if there are drainage issues or frozen coils. The first thing to do in order to solve this problem is to do a regular check of the confederate drain for any clogged. The drain should always be clear of dirt or debris that may cause clogging and ineffective cooling. For the coils, attempt to clean off any dirt from it. If the problem persists, call our aircon doctor to do a professional clean up of the frozen coil because this could be a major problem.

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Problem #3: Grills are blocked

Solution: The air might not be properly projected if the grills of the air con unit are blocked by dirt of other debris. What you can do to solve this is to get a damp cloth (not too wet and not too dry), and carefully but thoroughly wipe the motors and fins of the air conditioner. Do not wipe the power cord and the other parts of the unit where electricity flows using your damp cloth. Instead, use a dry cloth to wipe these parts. Also, remember to be extra careful in detaching the top grill of the unit to be cleaned, and also to clean the inside parts. If the grills are still blocked by dirt or debris that are very hard to remove, seek help from our air conditioner maintenance services center to do it for you.

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Problem #4: There is bad smell coming from the unit

Solution: It is a common problem of air conditioning unit owners to experience bad smell of the air projected. This usually occurs if the unit is continuously used day and night. For a quick fix, get a bucket of water and pour in some liquid soap to create a soapy mixture. Pour some of it in the drain line to remove the moisture that causes the bad smell. If this do not work, it might be a good time to call the aircon service company.

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